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Choclate Fountain at Marwar

Mannabhai magic at Mittal Marriage

Back from the blues in Arabian hues

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Calcutta cuisine, Paris tables

Thyme, basil and oregano blended with freshly ground saffron and cinnamo. Wild blueberries embellished with tender chhena on a bed of creamy malai. Munna meets Mittal. It's an Indian wedding in a French chateaux, and the palate picks are flying out from Calcutta.

Home-grown catering kindg Munna Maharaj (alias Dipak Kumar Singh) is set to add yet another celeb feather to his chef's hat, laying the spread at the high-profile, six-day Mittal wedding extravaganza (June18-23 in the Palace of Versailles, on the out skirts of Paris....

-a report.
-Friday, 17 June, 2004
The Economic Times